LE SPA NAILS IN GEORGETOWN | Go Ahead And Pamper Yourself!

Nail Salon – Le Spa In Georgetown: Brilliant Nail Treatments That Will Dazzle You 

Kick back in a comfy reclining chair while your cuticles are cleansed and your nails are prepared… then enjoy a soothing arm massage before getting your digits expertly painted and polished. Le Spa offers a full range of nail pampering services, including Mani-Pedi’s, Gel Shellac’s, and Spa Treatments.

Signature Nail Services
Manicure $30
Pedicure $50
Deluxe Spa Nail Services
Manicure $50
Pedicure $70
Russian Nail Services
Gel Manicure $110 – $150
Dry Pedicure $115 – $160
Gel Nail Services
Manicure $50
Pedicure $70
Dazzle Dry Nail Services
Manicure $40
Pedicure $60
Kid’s Nail Services
Manicure $20
Pedicure $30
Add OPI Gel Polish $15
Nail Add-Ons
Designs $25+ / nail
Paraffin $15
French Finish $10
Nail Buff $10
Gel Removal $10+
Acrylic Removal $50
Broken Nail Treatment $30+
OPI Gel Polish $15
Dazzle Dry Polish $10


Hand polish change $10
Feet polish change $20
Gel removal $10
Nail repair $10
Paraffine hand $10
Paraffine feet $15

Other Specialty Spa Manicures and Pedicures

Deep Clean Lemongrass & Green Tea Detox

Remove impurities with this antioxidant. Includes callus eliminator for feet and special scrub to exfoliate away dead skin cells and banish dry, rough skin.

Manicure $35

Pedicure $65

Gentlemen’s Sport

The ultimate pampering for gentlemen. Fully detoxify and bring moisture back into the skin with green tea extract.

Manicure $34

Pedicure $59

Stress Relief Lavender & Mint

Experience the incredible stress-relieving effect of lavender while soothing and Calming skin.

Manicure $34

Pedicure $55

Perfect-Sense Paraffin

This premier Paraffin treatment includes age-reducing support and helps maintain optimal skin health though hydration, nourishment, and protection.

Manicure $39

Pedicure $75

Pure Luxe – Recharge, Relax, Radiant

Experience the ultimate deluxe treatment with a complimentary warm neck wrap and soothing paraffin wax for the hands and Feet. Includes extra Massage with the finest products that contain 100% natural organic ingredients.

Manicure $55

Pedicure $95

Hand Or Foot Massage

10 minutes $20
20 minutes $40
30 minutes $60

Nails Extension

SNS Dipping Powder Full Set $59
Our Obsession with Cleanliness 
Your Safety is our top Priority .All of our implements are disinfected using hospital grade procedures and are individually packaged,ensuring your health.We provide each customer disposable plastic liners and pumice stone ,file buffers during each manicure and pedicure service.